Silikal Road Marking Systems

Based on the reactive monomer/polymer, mono- and multifunctional esters of (meth)acrylic acid, Silikal MMA resins feature a wide range of properties varying in flexibilty, reactivity and viscosity. Curing is initiated by adding a catalyst such as dibenzoyl peroxide powder (BPO), or in some cases, if recommended, a BPO paste. Once the chemical reaction (polymerisation) has been started, it can’t be stopped. A pot-life of five to fifteen minutes is usual, whereas the tack-free time ranges from fifteen to forty-five minutes depending on the type of resin, amount of hardener and temperature.

In general, the resins are of low viscosity and can be pumped and handled very easily for further modification.
Depending on the formulation, different fillers and pigments must be added, preferably in a paint factory or similar facility providing paint dissolver mixers. Ready-to-use cold plastic is usually packed into 10 kg or 25 kg tin pails and can be stored at least for six months at a moderate temperature below +25 °C. Some guide formulations are given in the product datasheets and are subject to customer modification, depending on national product regulations and specifications.

Besides the standard product range, custom-tailored resins can be manufactured in cooperation with the customer. Resins are available in 180 kg steel drums and 900 kg IBC containers.