Sealants in a building are indispensable …

… and not only offer outstanding protection against the ingress or penetration of moisture, but are also suitable for many different functional requirements in a wide variety of uses. Benefits include:

  • high flexibility in the event of temperature fluctuations
  • good adhesion to concrete, asphalt, bitumen sheeting, tiles, metal, PVC and many other materials
  • outstanding UV and weather resistance
  • resistance to the majority of aggressive media

Methyl methacrylic sealing resins from Silikal …

… offer significant advantages over traditional seals such as foil or sheeting:

  • full, jointless installation directly on the substrate: no seams or gluing points
  • safe and simple integration of pipe lead-throughs, light shafts, outlets and other objects, whatever the shape and however many corners and edges these may have lightning-fast curing times, allowing the surfaces to be returned to use quickly, even at low temperatures
  • also available in decorative colours and with different slip resistances, e.g. for the balcony or covered walkway