Silikal Fillers

Si­likal Filler SL

Sil­i­ca pow­der-free Si­likal filler for floor­ing

Si­likal Filler Si

Mix­ture of sil­i­ca pow­der and sil­i­ca sand of var­i­ous grain sizes for floor­ing over 4 mm thick­ness (particle size ap­prox. 0 – 1.2 mm)

Si­likal Filler QM

Sil­i­ca pow­der as fine-filler for thin-poured and roll-ap­plied coat­ings

Si­likal Filler QS

Sil­i­ca sand in var­i­ous grain sizes for scat­ter­ing, sprin­kling, mor­tar ad­di­tive or as ad­di­tion­al filler for cer­tain coat­ings

Si­likal Filler FS

Coloured sil­i­ca (sin­gle colours) of same grain size for scat­ter­ing onto self-lev­el­ling lay­ers

Si­likal Filler CQ

Coloured sil­i­ca mix­tures, grad­u­at­ed grain sizes, for trow­el-smoothed floor­ing

Si­likal Filler 65

Si­likal mor­tar sand for high-fill Si­likal RH 65 resin

Si­likal Filler SG

Sharp-edged, se­mi-trans­par­ent grit­ting ma­te­ri­al for a sub­se­quent con­struc­tion of slip re­sis­tance

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