Silikal flooring as an easy care foundation for egg grading: In the Dutch egg factory, Weko in Ochten, the seamless reactive resin flooring plays an important role for cleanliness and hygiene. On 940 square metres a non-skid surface was laid in an extremely short time. Easy and quick cleaning possibilities make this a very convincing flooring for the area where the egg sorting system is located. Resistant against high mechanical loads as well as against many chemical attacks, such as for example from intensive cleaning additives, it provides ideal conditions for dealing with perishable foods. Silikal flooring is also unbeatable in terms of speed. Already one to two hours after being laid the floor is completely hardened and can be fully loaded. Added colour quartz provides a high amount of skid-resistance to the visually appealing light grey reactive resin surfaces at “Weko Eieren”.